Welcome to ICE BEAR A/C INC

. is owned & operated by husband & wife Omar & Mariela. The company has established itself as a trusted A/C repair company over the years in the business. We have become renowned for our exceptional quality and competitive pricing, our company has one commitment to have our customers satisfied with our result.

We offer complimentary consultations and installation estimates, as well as prompt same-day dispatches. Even in an emergency we will not leave you hanging. Especially since we're also Floridians and understand when the A/C goes down in the middle of the Summer it become not just a sticky, and uncomfortable situation but it could mean health problems for some of our folks who need the system to be fully functional.

Reach out to us today for further information on how our experienced professionals can effortlessly tackle your A/C Service needs and get you back into the normal condition you feel the best in. Remember...

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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