A/C Replacement in Florida

There comes a time when every piece of machinery wears out and needs replacement. When dumping money into repairs on old systems which are on its last legs is no longer a wise move, Air Conditioning Replacement is a must. Especially in the sunshine state where we have extreme temperature changes year round.

When you choose ICE BEAR A/C INC. you can rest assured you’ll find caring individuals on the other line of the phone ready to help. We’ll make sure you get a quality product that meets your needs no matter if it's home or business. We will remove your old air conditioner if this is the need, and install your replacement flawlessly. 

What are your Options

Be honest sifting through options while you’re stuck in a hot and humid room is well not fun, that’s why having an expert business with years of experience on your side makes a difference. We help you cut through all of the technical jargon and get you a high-efficiency air conditioning unit that works for you. So whether it’s central air or ductless, you’ll get a solution that truly brings you better performance and a greater value in terms of energy costs. From pricing out the models within your budget to comparing SEER ratings and picking the right size AC, ICE BEAR A/C INC. will help you make the best decision.

A Refreshing No-Nonsense Approach You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Is it actually time for replacement or is your regular contractor pulling your leg? Replacement is an easy answer when someone doesn’t know how to fix your AC. Don’t risk paying for a new A/C if fixing it and getting a few more years out of your old one is a better value. We’ll give it to you straight so you don’t have to wonder if Air Conditioning Replacement really is necessary. From making sure you get the right size for your home or business to installing it to manufacturer’s specifications, you’ll get perfect A+ service when you go with ICE BEAR A/C INC. 

Even if you’ve gotten a quote already from another contractor, make sure a replacement is completely necessary and compare the pricing with our services.

It’s Time For Comfort

Having an air conditioner that truly works brings life and vitality to you and your loved ones. Life at home is better when your AC performs to keep you cool and take the moisture out of the air. More importantly, for families with allergies, the right air conditioner and filters can be life-changing in terms of reducing symptoms caused by dust, mold, and pollen's. We’ll help you find the right replacement, whether you’re looking for a good value, something that handles pet hair, or an AC that helps remove allergens from the air. Let’s get started on your Air Conditioning Replacement project today! eMail or call us and get started right away.

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