Air Conditioning Maintenance in Florida

Your AC works hard for you each and every year, and in the process, it slowly accumulates a great deal of dirt and contaminants. Parts wear and need cleaning, making air conditioning maintenance in Florida a necessary job to keep things running like they should.

we know the importance of keeping comfortable in the South Florida heat. That’s why we can’t stress enough, no matter how busy life gets, you need annual maintenance to get the most performance and value out of your air conditioning equipment.

Making the Most of Your AC with Maintenance

Getting maintenance for your AC is a lot like getting an oil change for your car, all that cleaning, inspection, and lubrication are what keeps both a car’s engine and an air conditioner happy and running smoothly. Forgetting to change the oil on your car is a surefire way to burn out the engine, and the same is true for the effect of neglecting maintenance on an air conditioner. Its lifespan will be significantly decreased by extra wear and tear, and your risk for parts breaking and dulled performance are just about guaranteed. Just because you can’t see the damage doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

How Does ICE BEAR A/C INC. Take Care of My AC?

Our technicians are certified professionals who arrive at your door with a smile. We use a careful checklist to guide our maintenance service covering inspection, cleaning, and maintenance in about one hour of time. We’ll make sure your air filters are getting changed often enough, remove the buildup of dirt inside the mechanical areas of your AC, and check all other parts of your air conditioner are working properly.

Amazing End Results Big Saving!

At the end of your air conditioning maintenance, you’ll notice better airflow around the home or business. With a renewed air quality and safety from potentially hazardous coolant leaks, you can rest easy and enjoy the even, cool breeze. We restore your unit’s efficiency so you save money on energy bills and we spot small issues before they turn into expensive repairs or inconvenient breakdowns, saving you even more money.

You’ll appreciate our attention to detail, and you’ll love the approachable expertise our technicians have when it comes to answering your questions and explaining their work. If it’s time for air conditioning maintenance in Florida don’t hesitate! Give us a call or eMail now to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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